Mental Fatigue

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I recently read an article about fatigue and TBI.  It described the three different kinds of fatigue common after a brain injury.  The first is physical fatigue which comes from muscle weakness from having to work harder to do things.  The second is psychological fatigue which comes with depression, anxiety and other psychological issues.

While both of these are challenging for me, the third is most challenging.  It is mental fatigue which I have mentioned before.  When I concentrate on something, I get tired.  Research is going on about this sort of fatigue and what sort of drugs may be helpful. Back in the 90’s I tried various medications but they didn’t work for me.  To be honest, I’m not excited about taking any more medications.

When I’m not involved in things, it isn’t a problem.  However, I tried that route and got bored.  I can control it somewhat by organizing my schedule.  I don’t plan to do two things that cause a lot of mental energy back to back without allowing time to “rest my brain.”  Now that I’m involved in more things, problems come up and I must deal with them immediately which in turn cause mental fatigue.

Rohr quote

In the Great Themes of Scripture, Richard Rohr made a statement that helps me here. “God gives us meaning, not answers.”   There is no answer and it is a waste of time for me to look for one. I do have to admit I often waste time in this fashion!   On my better days, I try to find meaning.

Do you agree with Rohr’s comment?  If you disagree, why? If you agree, what sort of meaning do you find in your struggles? 

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