Hard on Myself


A friend of mine posted the above on Facebook today. They are words I need to hear. People are always telling me I’m too hard on myself and I know this is true. I think some of it comes from when I was a professional musician. I had to be hard on myself or I wouldn’t get jobs which meant I woudn’t get jobs. I sort of liked to eat so I was pretty hard on myself.

Since my TBI in 1996, I felt I had to push myself or I wouldn’t be able to do everything I can do now. Living with this is hard and I’ve always wanted to use what I have left, to serve God. However all my pushing means there is a war within myself. I’m clear God doesn’t want this for me or for anyone. I believe God understands when I scream and shake my fists at Her. There are certainly enough examples of this in the Psalms!

So I’m going to remember that it is okay for me not to be perfect. Just last week my mind blanked and I thought I had a meeting at 7 PM. When 6:30 rolled around, I remembered the meeting was at 6. I beat myself up inside for my mistake. The thing is, everyone makes mistakes. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect – just to love others and love the life God gave us.

So I took it easy today and enjoyed the life I have been given. I will do the same tomorrow.

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