Examining my Garden


Here is a part of the reflection from the Hobo Honeymoon by Ed Hays for this past Sunday. Good words for me to remember.

“Jesus’ parable today answers the question, ‘What is the world’s oldest profession that is today’s most popular hobby?’ As you may have guessed, the correct answer is being a gardener! The profession of gardening goes all the way back to the beginning, when God the Gardener created the first garden in Eden. God, who loves cooperative ministry, shared that holy work by making Adam and Eve partners in gardening.”

“Heaven’s garden name is paradise, which comes from the Persian word for the enclosed royal gardens of their kings. Gardens and religions were early partners; Egyptian temples were surrounded by gardens, and the Chinese had their sacred grove-gardens. Even the mini-gardens of potted plants in ancients Greece became small shrines in honor of Adonis, the god of growing plants. In the northern hemisphere, since the Lenten season and the spring season accompany one another, the thoughts of many turn to their gardens and yards during Lent.”

“On other levels, gardening is one of the primary works of Lent; it’s at the heart of your hobo journey of return to the Garden of Eden. As we saw early in the book, the hobo may have originated with the hoe-boys, the sons of farmers who left the farm and were on the road in search of work. These hoe-boys were not bums or tramps and would work hard at any odd job, including digging up a spring garden plot.”

“Lenten hoe-girls and hoe-boys, how does your soul garden grow” In the garden of your souls, are the trees rich with fruit or are they barren? The tradition of Lenten ‘gardening” is centuries long, rich in its heritage as a springtime retreat. While recent reforms of the season have been very positive, even a causal look at the daily involvement many of us have given to Lent tells a pitiable story……Today’s garden of lent is overgrown with the weeds of overwork at our jobs, full social calendars and other secular activities, busy school events, demanding sport practices and games to attend, or even the endless round of evening TV.” (He wrote this before the internet)

“Examine your soul garden today for any weeds that need to be hoed out so that good plants can grow and bear a rich harvest. This Sunday, take time to lovingly examine your inner life, especially your prayer trees and alm trees. Make sure they aren’t barren and sickly from neglect.”

Having a TBI is a real challenge at times and I’m examining my soul garden today. Unlike many other TBI survivors it is invisible so I’m trying to figure out when to talk about it and when not. It’s a struggle because I see some of my “call” as educating folks about TBI. I’ve discovered that often folks underestimate my abilities when they know I have a disability. This is true for many of us who have a disability. I will spend a great deal of time in meditation and prayer this Lent as I examine my soul garden.

Do you have any special things you are doing this Lent? I would love to hear about them if you do.

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