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Sometimes I wish I was more computer literate. I also wish I knew more about creating a blog! I chose to use Blogger because it seemed simpler to use than some of the others. A friend came over and helped me set it up. When I was in rehab, I learned there are three parts to memory. One has to get the information in, store it and then get it out. After my neuropsychologcal and other testing, I learned I can get information in and store it but getting it out is really difficult. So if someone tells me how to do something on the blog, it will make sense to me and I can do it right then. I might even be able to remember how to do it several minutes later. However if I don’t write it down, I can’t get it out of my brain.

It’s been a while since I have thought about memory so I’ll write a more complete post about it later. Let’s get back to the blog. I plan to look at the informational section on blogger to see if I can figure it out. I have to find what I need, then print it out so I can have it next to the computer when I’m working. I think I’m going to write a list of my questions and ask someone who knows blogger, to answer them. If I don’t write the questions down as they come to my mind then when someone can help me, I won’t remember the questions!

I’m trying to use this process to get to know how I function better. I tend to write things on pieces of paper and leave them everywhere. When I need the information, I can’t find it. I know I have to be organized in order to function. Prior to my brain injury, my office was always a mess but I could remember where things were to find them. Now everything must be labeled and orderly or I am unable to do anything. This is definitely an area of growth for me. I was unorganized before but I could deal with it. Now this is not an option.

I’m interested in your stories about memory, organization or blogging. (Is that a word?) Feel free to comment.

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