Writing Space



This is a picture of our desk in our messy-desk-640x360office.  I say “our” because Michael and I share the same office.  Most of the stuff you see on the desk is mine however.  We have piles everywhere in the rest of the room and you can’t see the computer monitor.I’ve been trying to write here.


Here is a picture of our dining room table.  Again, most of the stuff on it is mine.  Notice the orange water bottle with the blue top.  I take that with me to the Y when I swim laps.  I often plunk it down on this table where it sits until I go to the Y again.   Do you see  my red mini I Pad buried in the piles of papers, notebooks and books?  It sits on a stand that Michael made so I can read the paper in the morning  michael-art-room-640x360

The picture above is of Michael working in our Art Room.  This is where he paints and puts the finishing touches on his carvings. The floor is covered with wood shavings although he does vacuum it occasionally. He also uses most of our unfinished basement for his power tools. It’s a real mess so I’ll spare you a picture of it.

The table at the bottom in the picture is where I do polymer clay. I press clay using a pasta machine with a manuel lever but this is too hard on me due to basil thumb joint osteoaarthris in my left hand.  After two surgeries,  I bought an electric one pictured on the right of the table but haven’t used it much yet. I have a keyboard I can connect to my I Pad sometimes I take it outside on our little patio living room sofa or dining room table.

As you might imagine, this set-up is not working for us.  Being the organized, thinker he is, Michael has come up with a plan which includes my own writing space, space for my clay and his carving.  We plan to get rid of a whole lot of junk we aren’t using which will help the clutter immensely.

I’m very excited.







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