New Water Heater


water heaterOur hot water heater broke a couple of weeks ago. We decided to go with a solar water heater as well as solar panels on the roof. Thank- heavens for tax credits or we wouldn’t be able to afford it!  However, this meant it took longer to figure out which water heater to get. Here is a picture of the old one. It probably looks like every water heater you have ever seen but I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Michael looked at several different water heaters and found one he liked. The workers just told me it wasn’t the water heater he ordered. Apparently the wrong one was delivered and they didn’t realize it until they had moved it in. So Michael and I talked by a phone. They going to knock $200 off the cost of it and even though Michael was concerned about the noise it might make, we decided to get it. I’m glad because this business of boiling water to wash dishes and take sponge baths is getting on my nerves.

pots on stoveIn the process of boiling my water for two weeks, I’ve realized how much water I waste. Many parts of the world must do this all the time. Americans are “clean-freaks” and this experience has helped me realize how unnecessary using so much water really is.

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