Don’t Believe Everything

Happy to meet you!

Happy to meet you!

Yesterday I took Sparky for his morning walk. One of the houses previously had a big tree on the property. I don’t know what it was but it may have been hundreds of years old. A couple of years ago, the home’s owners cut the seemingly healthy tree down so they could have a garden. I fumed every time I walked by for this seemed like a rather selfish thing to do.

I thought. Yesterday I saw the owner taking out his garbage so I decided to ask him about the tree. Environmentalists can be pretty harsh and I didn’t want to come across this way, so I was careful how I broached the subject.

“Didn’t you use to have a huge tree right there?”

The owner responded, “No, we didn’t have a tree there but we decided we didn’t want to garden so we removed the raised beds.”

“I know there was a tree there!”

“We’ve been here a year or so and there wasn’t one when we bought the house but we’re thinking about putting in some trees.”

I then understood that previous owners had taken down the tree and then moved so I boiled inside again. However, there’s nothing I could do about it so I vented my anger this morning while swimming at the Y.

1796477_10152164945718444_14085413_nThis phrase is a good one for me to remember. I always think things about people or situations without checking to make sure they are true. I’m trying not to do this for often I am wrong and the only person who suffers is I.

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