practice writing I've decided to become left-handed for it looks like the arthritis in my right hand is always going to be a problem even if I have surgery for it again. The above picture is of one of my practice penmanship papers.

I don't like practicing writing my letters for it feels like I'm 7 years old again. However, I'm convinced I can learn to write neatly with my left hand. After my TBI I had to learn to use my right hand again. It got stronger as time went on but I had to work at it. Even though the doc said my hand issue has nothing to do with my TBI, I suspect all those hand exercises irritated it.

While I know it could take me a year until I am able to write like an adult instead of a child, I'm still going to be a year older next year so I might as well be able to write then. I stil need to find that paper children use when they first learn to write. I bought wide line paper but it would help if there were more lines for me to follow. Well, I guess I better practice my letters now.