I read a blog post in the New York Times this morning called The Endless Summer by Mark Bittman http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/07/18/the-endless-summer/?hp He makes the point that the climate has changed and now he wonders how bad it is going to get and when we’re going to realize it.

This reminded me of a recent panel discussion I saw where the panelists were talking about how hot it is getting now.  George Will said  it is easy to figure out. “It’s summer.”  I’m not understanding how people can be so ignorant.  Well, I guess I do understand why the big corporations don’t want to invest in the millions of dollars needed to make the change but I’m losing patience. 

I don’t know all the technical explanations for what is going on but it is clear something is happening and we must do something about it soon. Bittman makes the following comment in his blog in response to folks who have said the ramifications of  climate change are manageable.

“Which I suppose they are, as long as you’re wealthy and able to move around at will.  But it’s not manageable to the corn farmers losing their crops (many are just chopping them down). the ranchers selling off their cattle, the thousands of people in Colorado Burned out of their homes in fires caused by the worst drought since 1956 or those who will lose their homes or jobs to fire, flood, drought or whatever in coming years.  How will they ‘manage’?”

It does seem that those who are most hurt by the environmental  changes really have no power to change them.  The only thing this has to do with brain injury is it seems many folks with disabilities often don’t have power to change things.  I think this is one reason we need the church.  Perhaps folks joined together can work to make the changes in our society we so desperately need.  However, sometimes the church doesn’t even see things clearly which is why we need organizations that will push hard for those changes.