Double vision


I am looking for stickers that I can put on my patch again.  I had a whole lot of them when I lived in Atlanta because there for a while I was wearing a patch all the time due to my double vision. However, after having eye muscle surgery back in 1998 (or something like that) I had double vision that was corrected with prism lenses.

I had a therapist back when I was in rehab who came up with making this funky patch.  It worked but I always decorated it with stickers and I had a whole collection I could change with my moods or outfits.  I had to have five or six surgeries (or something like that.  I don’t remember numbers well!) because the muscles kept moving.  However, the last time I had an appointment with my Optometrist, we sent the numbers to my Ophthalmologist in Atlanta and he said it wasn’t bad enough to do surgery again.

That was six months ago but I guess I should look up the date again because it does seem worse now.  Perhaps I need to have it checked again.  The truth is, I really don’t want to deal with it so I haven’t made an appointment yet and in the mean time I have decided to wear my patch more often.  I always wear one on my reading glasses but I want to find a way to make my patch more interesting when I wear it out and about.

There is an art to finding stickers to decorate the patch.  They have to be small enough so they aren’t too distracting to others when they talk to me. I’ve been able to find many large ones and I ended up buying a few sheets that had different sizes on them.  I do want to find some moons or rainbows though.  I had some before but I threw them away and so far I haven’t had any luck finding any.  I hope I can find a sticker with a rainbow or a moon on it.

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