General Assembly

focus, Occupy Wall Street, spatial orientation

Posted on the left is a picture that a friend from Circle of Mercy sent out. The Occupation has folks with different beliefs about a higher power but I thought it expressed my own beliefs well.

I’m writing a lot about the Wall Street protests this month because they are on my mind. Here in Asheville, there is a general assembly (ga) meeting every night downtown. It’s at 7 PM and getting there is difficult since I don’t see well in the dark. (This is result of the TBI) However, on the weekends they are in the afternoon so I can get downtown then. This past Saturday, I went to Pritchard Park for the meeting at 3 PM. Downtown Asheville is only about 15 minutes away but I can never remember exactly how to get there. I usually use my GPS but a parking garage doesn’t have a direct address so I used written ones. The problem was my directions were wrong.

I couldn’t find one parking deck but I did find the smaller one. Finding my car when I return is always a challenge so I looked for a sign telling me which floor I had parked. I saw no sign but I realized I was one floor above ground level. After exiting the garage, I didn’t know how to get to the park. Fortunately this town is small so I figured asking for directions would be easy. Asheville is a tourist town and I asked three people who couldn’t help me since they were visitors. Finally I asked a police officer who gave me the correct directions. I wrote them down so I could look at them when I returned home.

I’m glad I attended. I sat in the front so I wouldn’t be distracted by the crowd. I managed to focus on what the speakers were saying despite the noise of traffic driving by and music on the street corner across the street. I think ga’s are more streamlined now because this one was only 1 1/2 hours. I took a notebook and wrote down people’s names so I would remember them later. There are a couple of different facebook groups and I like to try and put names and faces together when I can.

Going back, I didn’t have any trouble finding the parking garage but I did have difficulty finding the car. My notes about its location were a bit haphazard and I had to hunt for it. I put bumper stickers on the car so I can recognize it when it’s parked in a lot. This has helped me numerous times. After finding my car, I then used my GPS to get home.

I haven’t written anything about the meeting but I wanted to express how difficult it is for me to get to places. Once I’m there I have to deal with all the challenges involved in attending the event. I don”t want to complain but sometimes this does get on my nerves. I want to be involved in things but I’ve learned to set limits and try to be involved in the ways I can. The challenge for me is to not feel guilty. I try and remember this is who I am now and I do what I can.

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