Changing Internet Providers


I had to change Internet providers because I no longer can get the signal from the local one I’ve been using. This has been a huge issue. I’m glad that my husband is well versed in anything related to the computer because it has thrown me for a loop. I’m amazed at how much I rely on the Internet to communicate.

One of the things that is difficult for me now is being flexible. I need to have things done pretty much the same way or I become stressed. The browser I use now for e-mail is different and I’m trying to get used to it. I do an e-letter for one of my churches and I had it pretty well figured out. To make it more complicated, one must be a member of the list to post and while I could receive e-mail at my old address, I couldn’t send it. I did the e-letter on the old system but I couldn’t send it. The email guy had to get me set up with my new address I then had to copy and paste to my new address in order to send it.

I’m guessing a person adept with computer things would not understand my difficulties. He or she probably would say, “Okay, just copy and paste already. It’s no big deal!” Unfortunately for me, it is a big deal. However, I need to relax around this. There are certainly more important things than making sure I receive all my list serve messages for me to think about now! I thought by only doing a little bit this week it would take the pressure off me and I wouldn’t get so stressed. I figured I could spend time contacting everyone about my new email address and relax some but I’ve discovered, this was a mistake. I put off doing this and instead read the New York Times. I guess it’s better than watching soap operas on television!

So it’s time to quite procrastinating and contact the folks I need to contact. I’ll feel better once it’s all done. I think I’ll even spend some time getting used to my new browser! Now that you are a brain injury survivor, have you discovered you are less flexible? I’ve discovered that many of my challenges are similar to people who don’t have a brain injury, only more challenging! See above right for commenting instructions. If you’d rather, contact me at my new address puffer61@gmailcom.

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